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In October 2019, Dazzled Designs has retired from making and selling standard, custom and made to measure outfits, a limited number of samples will occasionally be available for sale. I will continue to create fun and colourful latex fashion and am open to creative collaborations!


The first range, Dazzling Red (released in 2016), was inspired by vintage fashion: 50’s, rockabilly, pin-up style – which translates to outfits and lingerie with cute details and body hugging, curve flattering shapes! After that, I created many more outfits, all with the same, flattering fit: The Essentials. A range with all the latex you need in your wardrobe..! In 2018 I created several detailed cosplays for clients and models, like Ivana Hyde, Katie Miller & Lisha Blackhurst. I offer some of these detailed cosplay sets in the shop and am currently working on a basic, affordable range of latex cosplays. In December 2018 Classy Lines was be released: a collection of colourful, stylish and sexy latex outfits.

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