Latex care

If you take good care of your latex, it will last a long time. Here are a few of my personal tips, do’s and don’ts:

  • Latex doesn’t like oily stuff. That includes perfumes, body creams and even skin oils. So be careful of what’s on your body when putting on latex. Also, leather can contain oils that stain or deteriorate latex.
  • Most metals stain latex, especially lighter colours of latex. Nicotine stains latex too – be careful of your’e a smoker, wash your hands after smoking.
  • After wearing, clean it with a basic soap. I advise you to use a very simple dish-washing soap (again: check if there’s no oil in it, usually, the cheap basic stuff is the best). After washing, rinse with clear water.
  • Latex doesn’t like UV light (sunlight!), it’ll break down the material eventually, hence the dark storage.
  • TIP – Store your latex in ziplock bags. They are latex safe.
  • TIP – When you want to put on your dress/skirt/leggings/any item, lubing your body (especially the upper legs and hip area) will make it much easier to wiggle in.
  • Be careful with long finger nails, they can tear the latex.
  • TIP – For a perfect shine, rub some silicone lube on the outside of the outfit, or use a silicone spray.
  • TIP – After rinsing, use Vivishine. It’s a kind of silicone lube that dilutes in water. It’s my to go to product for shining latex before storing it. I sell it in my shop!
  • If you don’t have Vivishine: hang to dry or use a clean towel to dry, inside and outside, then lube up (with silicone lube) the latex after drying (or powder with talcum powder_ and store in a dark place. Lube (or talcum) prevents sticking and adds shine.